Saturday, April 13, 2013

Phoenix Indian Center's Silver and Turquoise Ball Auction

        Recently donated one of my oil paintings to a good cause (Phoenix Indian Center), the 16" x 16" piece
is actually one that I'm actually pretty proud of. I used the Old Masters glazing technique, basically had to 
paint the whole piece using Burnt Umber and White paint, then glazed the oil paint on top. This process adds depth to the process, but it takes longer. Sometimes you throw paint at the canvas with a brush or palette knife, other times you delicately add different colors using various detail brushes. 
       The title of this piece is Revitalize, as you can see the person is wearing blue jeans and putting on moccasins.The blue Jeans here represent main stream society, and the moccasins represents Indigenous way of life. Yes its cheesy but we do walk, or blend two worlds today, just like our ancestors did. Well my ancestors actually blended many ways of life together, whereas today people are only given one perspective. My ancestors were critical thinkers, eclectics, and always had an Interdisciplinary approach. They inspire me everyday to take my "art" to the next level. 

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